Members Attending: Jim Hershey (President); Carol Murrow; Tonya Pehle, Janet Wear-Enloe, Rob Dinneen; Darci Petty; Debbie Gleason; Mick Allison; Janelle Dietloff; Katie Warren; Brenda Krull, Karen Schefter; Teresa Kenney; Steve Steinkuehler; Lori Norris; Lori Pinkerton; Harold Marion.

Conference Call Attendees: Jeremiah Jobe; Pam Hitchens; Jen McCune.

Guests: Jamie Verkamp; Linsey Grams; Lynne MacRae; Rhonda Newhouse; Vince Vandehaar; Michael Schuetzle

Discussion Items

I. Jim Hershey, President, opened the meeting and thanked Mick Allison for hosting our meeting at St. Luke’s East Hospital.  He then acknowledged Tonya Pehle, last year’s President, by presenting her with a crystal vase with her years of service engraved.  Jim also thanked Carol Murrow for taking minutes in Brenda McGinn’s absence.
II. The minutes from the February 5, 2010 meeting were approved.
III. Jim Hershey presented the Treasurer’s Report.  Since January  1st, we have $23,468 in revenue and $9,327 in expenses.  The current checking balance is $48, 460.  The Treasurer’s Report was approved.
IV. Committee Reports

Job Fairs – Lori Pinkerton
Based on the December 2009 member survey, the following 5 career fairs were selected for 2010:  February 1 (Chicago); August 9 (Kansas City); August 11 (Denver); August 27 (Chicago); Detroit (TBD). The cost per event is $750.00.  Travel is paid by MINK member.  MINK will purchase Ipods as a drawing giveaway to physicians registering at the MINK booth at all five career fairs.

Action Required: MINK will continue to have UNMC/Creighton Fair in Omaha. Dates to be determined not to conflict with current activities.

Discussed attending Specialty Career Fairs based on results of the membership survey.  The decision was made to not attend any Specialty Career Fairs this year.

Marketing – Jeremiah Jobe
Jeremiah presented his report on the goals that were established by the Marketing Committee.  They want to continue to provide value to current members of MINK; drive physicians to the MINK website; provide support to the marketing effort; put MINK on Facebook; direct physicians to the career fairs; update MINK membership map and brochures.

Jeremiah reported that from March to April 2010 there was a 52% increase in hits to the MINK website.

It was mentioned by one of our members that the MINK website was too busy and text heavy.

Action Required: Jeremiah reported that a “physician opportunity” button will be set up on the webpage that will be more user friendly for the physicians when they get to the MINK website. When a physician selects the button it will break out all 4 states and the opportunities that are available in each state.

Membership – Brenda Krull
The MINK membership for 2009 was 101 members.  As of May 10, 2010 there are 77 members.

Action Required: All MINK members need to review their information posted on the website. If there are any corrections that need to be made please email Brenda Krull with your changes.

Legislative Report
Mike Shimmens will present a report at the July Educational Conference.

Mick Allison announced the location of the November 5 meeting.  It will be held at St. Luke’s North in Kansas City.

Action Required: Since the MINK career fairs will be held sometime in late September or early October in Omaha, the quarterly meeting may be hedl at the time and that location.

Education Conference
Carol Murrow presented information on the 2010 MINK Educational Conference that will be held in Branson, Missouri on July 19 and 20.  Speakers have been selected which include: John Hammons, Laura Screeney, George Newman, Allison Darling, Jamie Verkamp, and Scott Kashman.

Action Required: A brochure with registration information and information on the topics/speakers and vendors will be sent out in approximately 2 weeks. Please watch your mail for the brochure. Emails will also be sent out as reminders to register. There will be a link attached to the MINK page that will allow you to make your hotel reservations online at The Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel. MINK members will be asked to invite potential members.

Education Presentation:  “Utilizing the Power of Social Media for Successful Physician Recruitment.”  Jamie Verkamp, Director, Growth & Development, (e) Merge.

Lunch was sponsored by Stevens Worldwide Vanlines.

V. Old Business

Scholarships for MINK attendees at the Educational Conference – Jim Hershey

Action Required: Marcia Stevens agreed to chair the committee that wil select 5 MINK members that submit applications to potentially receive scholarship dollars to attend the 2010 MINK Education Conference.

State Hospital Association Annual Meetings – Jim Hershey
Jim presented the dates and locations and names of MINK members that will “man” the booth at the State Hospital Association meetings.

Nebraska – Debbie Gleason, Steven Steinkuehler and Jim Hershey
Missouri – Teresa Kenney, Jim Hershey
Kansas – Rob Dinneen, Jim Hershey
Others will be invited.

Speaker’s Bureau
Debbie Gleason reported that if anyone had any physician recruitment presentations or articles they had written or presented and would like to share with MINK members or ASPR, to please contact her and she can make these available online to other members.

VI. New Business
Budget 2010 – Reviewed and motion made to accept the new budget for 2010.  Jim Hershey reported there is a 3:1 ratio between revenue and expenses.

Topic for Education Presentation at MINK quarterly meeting on November 5 (tentative date) – Patient-centered Medical Homes.

VIII. Presentation – Medical Doctor Associates

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 2:45 p.m.

Next Meeting Date:

Monday, July 19, 2010
12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
MINK Educational Conference
Branson, MO

Tentative Fall Meeting Date:

November 5, 2010
St. Luke’s North Hospital
Kansas City, Missouri

Minutes Submitted by: Carol Murrow (filling in for Brenda McGinn, Secretary) & Jim Hershey, President

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