Members Attending: Carol Murrow, Janet Wear-Enloe, Marcia Stevens, Tammy Woirhaye, Katie Warren, Teresa Kenney, Hope Valvero, Nancy White, Lori Pinkerton, Lori Norris, Mary Klein, Vicky Clarke, Mick Allison, Mike Shimmens, Auburn Rickman, Amy Greenstein, Tyler Doyle, Karen Schefter, Rob Dinneen, Michelle Baker, Joni Adamson, Anne Baughman, Janelle Deitloff, Darci Petty, Rexanne Griffeth, Ginger Hodson, Jeremiah Jobe, Jim Hershey

The meeting was called to order at 12:30 p.m.

I. Jim Hershey, President, opened the meeting and thanked Carol Murrow and education committee members for their work on the conference and Lori Pinkerton for taking minutes in Brenda’s absence.

II. The minutes from the May 7, 2010 meeting were approved.

III. Jim Hershey presented the Treasurer’s Report.  The bank balance as of July 12, 2010 is $42,558.01.  Treasurer’s Report was approved.

IV. Committee Reports

Marketing – Jeremiah Jobe

  • Jeremiah provided the update on the member map, brochure, and website tracking and benchmark.
  • The marketing committee will be measuring ROI on marketing strategies.
  • Jeremiah demonstrated the USBs that will be distributed at the Career Fairs.
  • He introduced Tammy Woirhaye, e-newsletter editor and encouraged members to submit articles.

Membership – Jim Hershey

  • There are 83 members to date; the goal is to have 100 members for 2010.
  • The tracking of lost members by the marketing committee indicates that most are related to job loss and financial cutbacks.

Legislative – Mike Shimmens

  • Mike requested membership input as to what is needed from the Legislative committee.
  • The Legislative Committee will provide legislative updates related to visas/immigration, federal legislation, funding and major state changes.
  • Information may possibly be included in the e-newsletter.

Education Conference – Carol Murrow

  • Time and location of the evening boat excursion was announced.

Career Fairs – Lori Pinkerton

  • CareerMD Fairs for 2010 are as follows:  Kansas City, 9/9; Chicago, 9/27; Detroit, 10/27; St. Louis, 11/10
  • Members are asked to volunteer an hour at the MINK booth if they are attending a fair for their organization.  If there is not coverage, MINK will pay for a member’s travel expenses so they can cover the booth.

Action Required: Recruit a member from each state for committee.

  • The Omaha MINK Job Fairs are 10/27 at the Nebraska Medical Center, 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.  10/28 at Creighton Medical Center, 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.  More information to follow.

Action Required: Carol will submit a report of the revenue and expenses for the 2010 Education Conference.

V. Old Business

State Hospital Association Annual Meetings – Jim Hershey

  • Nebraska  10/27-10/29    Lincoln
  • Missouri   11/2-11/5        Osage Beach
  • Kansas      11/10-11/11    Topeka

Action Required: Request volunteers from each state to assist staffing the booths.

Speaker’s Bureau – Deb Gleason

  • No report available

ASPR Conference – Lori Pinkerton

  • Lori is hosting a MINK reception at the ASPR annual meeting.
  • To date, 17 MINK members are registered to attend the conference.

Business Meeting – 4th Quarter:  Jim Hershey

  • It will be held in conjunction with the Omaha Job Fairs; proposed date and location to be announced.

VI. New Business

2011 Educational Conference – Jim Hershey

  • Attendees directed that the membership be provided with a choice of three locations and to vote for their preference; the locations being Nebraska City, Kansas City and St. Louis.

Action Required: Hershey to distribute an email to determine member preference and he will secure a sponsor/host for the location.

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