Members Attending: Jim Hershey (President); Paula Johnson (Treasurer); Rob Dinneen; Darci Petty; Debbie Gleason; Mick Allison; Harold Marion; Pam Klaus

Guests: Vince Vandehaar; Jamie Verkamp; Allen Watts; Craig Lynch

Conference Call Attendees: Carol Murrow; Charlene Plotycia; Beth Everts; Jeremiah Jobe; Tonya Pehle; Renee Bauer; Brenda Krull; Brenda McGinn

Discussion Items

I. Jim Hershey, President opened the meeting with introductions of the new officers.  Tonya Pehle was given appreciation for her years of service.
II. The minutes from the September 25, 2009 meeting were approved.
III. Paula Johnson presented the Treasurer’s Report.  The current checking balance is $45,893.68.  The CD balance is $25,000 drawing a 1.5% interest.  We sold $11,085 in ads which we have collected $3,975. The Treasurer’s Report was approved.
IV. Committee Reports

Job Fairs – Lori Pinkerton
Chicago/CareerMD Fair was staffed by Mike Coulter. The Fair was well attended.  They recruited a new MINK member.

CareerMD proposed locations were based on the December, 2009 member survey.  The cost per event is $750.00.  Travel is paid by MINK member, shared staffing at most events.

MINK will have giveaways at each Fair.

Discussion of MINK sponsored Fairs and attendance.

Action Required: It was moved and seconded that in addition to Chicago Feb 1, we attend Chicago in the summer, St. Louis, Kansas City, Detroit and Denver. MINK should continue to have UNMC/Creighton Fair in Omaha.

Discussed attending Specialty Career Fairs based on results of the membership survey.  It was decided that Decision was made to not attend ACP or any other Specialty Career Fairs.

Market exhibitors from the MINK states attending the CareerMD Career Fairs MINK attends.

Action Required: Drawing for MINK membership for exhibitors from MINK states which and not members at the CareerMD Fairs.

Marketing – Jeremiah Jobe
Jeremiah presented the Goals of the Marketing Committee.  They include: 1) create marketing budget, 2) social media sites for MINK, 3) create a brand and name recognition, 4) review marketing materials, 5) coordinate marketing with education/career fair committees.

Membership – Brenda Krull
The MINK membership for 2009 was 101 members.  As of February 3, 2010, 61 members have submitted their dues.    The membership committee requests that all members check their listings on the website and submit any changes to Brenda Krull.  Goals include: 1) contacting organizations that have left MINK in recent years and invite them back, 2) contact non- member organizations to invite them to join, 3) work on involving more of the current MINK members.

Action Required: Membership Directory will be updated on February 8. The new password will be sent out to the membership. A category of Associate Membership be designated for members who have joined but lose their jobs. If unemployed the next year, they would be allowed to join for $50 for the year.

Legislative Report
No report at this time.

Amie Hoerath was announced as Chairwoman.

Mick Allison announced the location of the May 7th meeting.

Presentation: “Using Market Analysis to Assist You in Physician Recruiting.”  Vince Vandehaar, MBA  VVV Research and Development

Lunch was sponsored by Medical Doctor Associates.

V. Old Business

Banner Ads – Janet Wear-Enloe
Janet presented the 2010 MINK Banner Ad schedule for the Electronic Newsletter and Website.

Profile – Jeremiah Jobe
Jeremiah reported he is working on Residents email contact lists.
VI. New Business

Education Conference – Carol Murrow, Chairwoman
Carol announced the conference is scheduled for July 19-20 in Branson, MO at the Hilton Convention Center.

Action Required: Need topics, speakers and vendor/sponsors for the conference.

State Hospital Association Annual Meetings – Jim Hershey
Jim presented information on MINK exhibiting and having a booth at their trade shows.

Action Required: It was moved and seconded that we have a booth at the 2010 State Hospital Association Annual Meetings. Hershey will work with the marketing committee to update the materials for the booth.

MINK Website
It was suggested we have a Website Committee to address our website issues.

Action Required: Hershey will work with Debbie Gleason on this.

VII. Other Business

Cross-Sector Survey
Results were presented by Jim Hershey

Action Required: Attach survey when emailing out minutes of this meeting.

Tonya Pehle provided an update of their conference call.

Speaker’s Bureau
Debbie Gleason suggested we set up a Speaker’s Bureau.  She offered to take the lead on this.

Presentation – Print Time

The meeting was called to order at 10:10 a.m.There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 2:45 p.m.

Next Meeting: May 7, 2010

St. Luke’s East Hospital

Lee’s Summit, MO


Submitted by: Brenda McGinn, Secretary & Jim Hershey, President

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